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Remote Control Grab

It is a bucket that can be attached to the hook of any crane.

Remote control can be controlled up to 100 meters. It is sturdy.

 It is high quality. It can transport and unload all bulk loads undamaged.

 It is a product that is highly demanded from customers. 

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About The Production
It can be attached on to the hook of any kind of crane and the handling of the load can be started.  Remote control grab it c... More Info
Remote Control Grab
It is a bucket that can be attached to the hook of any kind of crane. Remote control can be controlled up to 100 meters. It can carry and... More Info
Remote Control Grab
No additional accessories are required in the ship crane. The bucket does not require additional labor for its operation. High charging c... More Info
Product Benefits
It can be used for handling of every type of bulk cargo and it is the most efficient and economical and efficient grab type. ... More Info
Remote Control Grab
It has high performance. In addition, its price is very economical. Therefore, it is highly demanded by our customers. Remote control b... More Info
Remote Control Grab
Remote control grab this type of grab constitutes 75% of the total production capacity our company It is produced in sizes ranging from ... More Info
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